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We provide a daycare where your child is excited to spend time, where friendships are made, and where the world is safely explored. 

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Our Parent - Teacher communication

We share knowledge about child development and provide activities for parents and children to engage in together. This helps create a stronger bond for both the parents and their children.
Prefferson Academy strives to make parenting more accessible by providing parents with simple tips, ideas, best practices, and other helpful information.

Our parent-teachers association with fostering engagement and collaboration between parents and teachers.

Fun Activities

We believe that it’s important to give your child an early start with their education by offering enrichment activities that will help them learn outside of the school curriculum. We offer classes in Technology, Arts & Crafts, and Sports & Games.

Facts About Us

We are committed to offering a new and modernized way of teaching that caters to the needs and challenges of contemporary society.

Our Philosophy:

There is a huge difference between becoming a teacher and becoming a good teacher. Our teachers have a huge impact on learners and help them engage in lifelong learning. Our teachers can make a world of difference for a child of any age.

Our Goal

This is our Mission

Our goal is to develop world-class students equipped with the knowledge and skills to function productively anywhere in the world.

This we achieve not only through the use of best practices, state-of-the-art, up-to-date technology, and purpose-built infrastructure but primarily through our body of experienced and dedicated staff who work as a team to create an effective learning environment and a happy community.